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block management platform for success

Explore the future of building management, enhanced by AI. Our advanced cloud platform automates tedious tasks, streamlining operations for you and your stakeholders.

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Discover management excellence

Unlock intelligent automation that streamlines management, enhanced by detailed reporting and analytics. Our products propel your block management business to success.

Financial Management

Enhanced control
over financial operations

Ensure leaseholders pay on time with advanced credit control and robust financial management across your portfolio.

  • Accurate Financial Tracking
  • Precision Budget Planning
  • Advanced Credit Control
Compliance Tracking

Safer homes,
proactive maintenance

Safeguard properties with proactive upkeep, ensuring safety and longevity for residents and investments.

  • Enhanced Resident Safety
  • Easy Maintenance Planning
  • Strategic cost savings
Task Management

Efficient and simple
manager workloads

Centralise all management tasks, take control and balance managers' workloads effectively, ensuring efficiency across your portfolio.

  • Portfolio Wide View
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Streamlined Task Control

Integrations with 100+ banks

Effortlessly reconcile bank accounts by integrating all client transactions into your system. Maintain precise control over client financials.

Stay up to date on our journey

Explore the latest trends within the world of block management. Follow us as we continue to build the PropLink Ecosystem transforming block management.

Flexible pricing that scales with you

Discover flexible product pricing that scales effortlessly with your business needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use as you grow.

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